At Southpoint Kitchen and Bath, we install carpets in many homes because carpeting provides several great benefits. Some benefits are helpful every season, and others are only appreciated during the fall and winter.

Warmth and Comfort

When it’s cold outside, a plush new carpet can help your feet stay warm. For some, walking on hard surfaces gives their body aches and sores. With carpeting, it is a lot more comfortable to the touch. We can recommend a cozy carpet option that provides great insulation.


If you have young children or elderly living in your home, having carpet may be a safer option to prevent slip and falls, and if so, provide a softer landing. This is true, especially for a home with flights of stairs.

Sound Shield

Underneath a carpet, there is thick padding that can reduce sounds. In order to take advantage of a carpet’s noise-reducing properties downstairs, it is recommended to install brand new carpeting upstairs.

Great Colors

New carpeting is available in various colors and some with unique patterns, so you can easily find a product that suits the current design scheme in your home. Also, you can create a new design by layering a vibrant rug over a colorful carpet.


Carpeting is generally more cost-effective compared to other hard surface floorings. In order for these types of flooring can be installed, there are several requirements that it must pass like subflooring and underlayment requirements. Carpeting typically does not entail those same requirements.

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