Tile is a solid choice for a kitchen or bathroom and is a great alternative to natural stone. It’s worth considering if you need elegant flooring that’s easy to maintain.

A Defensive for Spills

When liquid spills on a tile floor, it doesn’t absorb into the material. This means that a tile floor doesn’t hold stain easily. If a liquid dries on a tile before you have to chance to clean it with a mop, you can eliminate the lingering stain with a soft brush and a cleaning product.


We highly recommend ceramic tiles for a busy kitchen or bathroom. These tiles are effortless to clean, which is why they’re commonly found in busy restaurants.

Protective Layer

Every tile flooring material has a protective layer that resists water damage. This protective layer also creates a barrier that blocks the effects of high humidity. The humidity barrier protects a tile floor when the weather is muggy and hot throughout the summer.

Following the installation, new tile ceramic flooring will stay strong because ceramic is a very durable material. In some cases, a ceramic tile might crack. However, this will only happen following a heavy impact.

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