If you need new flooring for a space in Fredericksburg, VA, the team at Southpoint Kitchen and Bath can help. As a reputable flooring company, we fully understand the flooring market, so if you don’t know which type of flooring best suits your needs, we can provide recommendations and help you find the best flooring that best suits your home and your needs.

Most people don’t fully understand the reasons why new flooring is beneficial. Because we’re seasoned flooring experts, we know the value of different materials. A brand new floor can enhance a home or business by:

Increasing its resale value: Certain floor materials can boost a property’s value. If you’re going to sell your home or business down the road, we highly recommend hardwood flooring because it appeals to potential buyers. Hardwood flooring always turns heads when it’s appropriately buffed and polished before a real estate agent makes a sales pitch.

Boosting its curb appeal: If you just want to update dull spaces, brand new flooring can help you accomplish this. For example, any flooring that has a light shade can make an unappealing space more attractive. If you install light flooring in a space that lacks windows, its light tones will make the entire area appear larger. We can help you tackle this type of renovation project.

Providing health benefits: Upgrading is a smart strategy if the air quality in your home or building is poor. Typically, allergens and dust mites cause air quality problems, and the best way to eliminate these contaminants is by removing the source. In most homes and buildings, contaminants linger on old carpeting that has an odor and stains. If your carpeting is in this condition, new flooring is highly recommended.

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