Finding the right kitchen or bath contractor in Spotsylvania VA, can be complicated. It’s not just about finding the contractor that can do the job in the time frame you are looking at, but also finding a contractor that will do a beautiful job to meet your expectations. If you are beginning a bath or kitchen remodel project, it helps to know a few things that will get you started.

Kitchen and Bathroom Contractor near Spotsylvania VA

You might think that a contractor that does both kitchen and baths is an odd combo. However, given the amount of plumbing and cabinetry that go into both of these major rooms, it is a perfectly logical pairing. Additionally, many bathrooms are located close to kitchens because of the need to have plumbing all filters into one sewer pipe under the house.

Before you hire a kitchen and bath contractor in the Spotsylvania VA area:

  1. Ask to see the license and insurance.
  2. Ask to see certifications and ask about the contractor’s experience doing both kitchen and bath remodels.
  3. If possible, see if the contractor has a picture portfolio of past projects to see the work he/she has done.

Our contractors can provide you with all of the above upon request.

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling includes everything from gutting a kitchen to appliances. We do everything we can to ensure that your remodel is exactly as you had envisioned it, or better. Our kitchen remodeling services in Spotsylvania VA, include:

  • Kitchen cabinets: Refaced, resurfaced, or completely replaced.
  • Kitchen countertops: From formica to granite to marble, we’ve got the style, look, and material you want.
  • Marble countertops: Cut, installed, polished, and made to perfection for your kitchen layout. We also show you how to care for marble so that it remains beautiful for a long time.
  • Granite countertops: These countertops are extremely popular, even with the maintenance challenges they present. Pick from dozens of natural colors.

Our team will help redesign your kitchen, pick colors and materials, select cabinets, choose new flooring and new paint, and even purchase new appliances. Tell us what you want, and we’ll make every attempt to make it happen.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms are such uninteresting rooms unless you make them interesting. A nice bathroom is a place to wash up, relax, or get ready for your day. Updating a bathroom really should be done every ten to fifteen years because bathroom decor becomes outdated that quickly. (Just think about your Grandma’s pink-tiled floor and tub, and you can see why you would want to remodel this room of the house more often!)

Some of the bathroom remodeling services in Spotsylvania VA we offer include:

  • Bathroom countertops for sinks or matching vanity spaces
  • Bathroom cabinets and storage areas to increase storage space in a large or small bathroom
  • Bathroom flooring to protect the substrate and make your bathroom floor comfortable to walk on

If you are interested in granite countertops for your bathroom, we do that too. We offer more than just laminate or tile flooring for bathrooms; carpet and hardwood floors are some additional options.


No full remodel project is complete without flooring. There are so many options available, and we do almost all of them. In addition to the usual laminate flooring, we offer:

  • Carpeting for kitchen and baths as well as any other room where you need carpeting
  • Hardwood for strength, longevity, durability, and beauty
  • Tile for waterproof flooring that protects as well as enhances the room
  • Different types of laminate, including click plate and laminate that doesn’t look like wood at all

If you just want new flooring in one area of your home in Spotsylvania VA, it doesn’t have to be in the kitchen, dining room, or bathroom of your home either. We can install new flooring in every room of your home.

Call us today near Spotsylvania VA to get an estimate and find out what your next project will look like and cost. We would be happy to share our expertise with you and show you how you can transform your home!

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