walk-in shower or bathtub

Walk-In Shower Or Bathtub?

Your bathroom is one of the most important parts of your home. This is where you get a few minutes or hours of privacy and feel relaxed as long as you please. With such comfort that it provides you, installing features for your bathroom should be considered thoroughly. When it comes to bathroom remodeling, one of the concerns that you may encounter is choosing which fixture to install: should you go for the convenient and sustainable walk-in shower or pamper yourself with a soothing soaking in the bathtub?

To help you decide on which bathroom fixture to choose for your bathroom renovation, let us learn first the purposes of the two fixtures and the benefits they offer you.

Walk-in shower

Walk-in showers are standalone bathroom features perfect for smaller bathrooms since it allows you to save space. Though the walk-in shower is an enclosed fixture, the transparent glass wall creates a more open space, making your bathroom look bigger. This type of bathroom fixture is popular to individuals with mobility issues since it is easier to access. It also reduces their risk of slip or fall.

Walk-in showers are water efficient too. You can turn off the shower when shampooing or shaving your legs; then just turn it on again when it’s time to wash. There are also showerheads you can use that can efficiently save water. 

Another positive note about walk-in showers is that they are easier to clean and can be customized in different designs and sizes that will suit your bathroom. The downside of walk-in showers is that it’s a costly installation. The glass material used and the complex drainage system made the walk-in showers more expensive than other traditional bathroom fixtures. Apart from that, the enclosed environment of a walk-in shower also causes you to feel colder when inside.


A bathtub is a bathroom fixture that works as a container that you can fill in with water for you to bath or soak. If you have a bigger bathroom or you have a family with small children, then you might like to consider installing a bathtub. A bathtub may use more water than walk-in showers, but a relaxing soak in the tub after a tiring day at work is all worth it. It doesn’t just soothe your sore muscles and arthritis pain, it can also reduce your stress and anxiety. 

Bathtubs are also cheaper to install compared to walk-in showers. A typical whirlpool bathtub is three-fourth cheaper than installing a walk-in shower. The only downside of a bathtub is the amount of water you will use with it. Most people use 30 gallons of water for a single bath; that is one-third more than a walk-in shower does. 

Walk-In Shower Or Bathtub?

The answer to this question depends on several factors. If you are considering the ROI, then you should go for a shower. Many people are going for walk-in showers for water conservation. However, if you have a family with children and don’t have older adults at home, installing a bathtub is a more sound option. 

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