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Cleaning Tile Floors

Your floor is one of the biggest parts of your home, just like your roof. Keeping it clean and in pristine condition can greatly impact the appearance of your home. Clean floors can make a great impression on your guests. Keeping your floors clean and the frequency of maintaining them depends on the floor type. One of the most common types of flooring is tile floors. Tile floors are durable and can last a lifetime, but like any type of floor, they still need care and cleaning.

How often should you clean your tile floors?

No matter how durable and beautiful a floor is, it will only last a while if you don’t take care of them properly. A dirty tile floor will make your home less attractive and inviting to guests. If you have tile floors, it is important that you dry clean it or swept or vacuumed it regularly or at least twice every week. This is an effective method of removing gritty debris that can make your tile floor look dull. You can also wet clean or mop your tile floors twice a month. For your grout, spot clean it once every three months. 

Grout cleaning

Grout is the cement that keeps your tiles connected. It is an essential part of your tile floor and should also be kept clean and in good condition. Did you know that when left unattended, grout can collect a lot of bacteria over time? It can pose a potential threat to your health and make your tile floors look dirty and grimy. You can consider cleaning the grout by spraying it with a grout cleaner or a mild bleach solution. Do not forget to wear gloves when using these products as it can be harsh to your skin. For deep stains, allow the mixture to sit for 10 minutes before rinsing it thoroughly and wipe it dry.

Why clean your tile floors?

Cleaning tile floors is important because it doesn’t just make your floor look great, but it offers several benefits such as:

  • Extend the lifespan of your floor. With regular cleaning and maintenance, you can enjoy your tile floors for longer. By removing dirt and other harmful contaminants, your floor can stay presentable for many years to come.
  • Kills bacteria and harmful contaminants. Regularly cleaning your tile floors is one of the best ways to ensure your floor is clean and doesn’t pose a risk to you and your family member’s health. It’s the most hygienic way to make sure that your home is clean and safe for everyone.
  • Keep your floors looking great for longer. A simple cleaning of your file floors can make a big difference in your home’s appearance. Getting rid of stains, dirt, and other nasty spots can make your floor look sparklingly clean and just like new again!

Cleaning and maintaining your tile floors may sound like a hassle, but it is the only way you can keep them looking lovely and help them last for many years!

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