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Summer Bathroom Decor & Trends

This summer is the perfect time to give your bathroom a much-needed facelift. Subtle changes can work wonders, and we are here to help you. You may be wondering, how can you change its atmosphere without spending too much? We have a few tips for you!


Change Your Hand Towels 

Stay away from bland-looking hand towels and look for something with interesting/popping designs. There are some people who would like to have a beach feel, so they choose hand towels with tropical vegetation, sand, and neutral color designs. Others may go for vibrant colors that will remind us of summer. 

What we recommend are yellow, coral, or even turquoise. It will still remind you of the beach without being too loud. As a rule of thumb, change your hand towels after a couple of days, considering that many people might be using them. 


Buy a New Shower Curtain 

Your shower curtain takes a lot of visual space in your bathroom. Because of that, we also encourage you to change it to have a brand new feel. 

Like hand towels, you can find designs that obviously show summer. But if you are not a fan of those, we suggest you get lighter materials with bright colors. That could instantly change the ambiance of your bathroom. 

Trust us, just by replacing your shower curtain, it’s as if you have renovated the whole place – but without spending a fortune. 


Use Summer Scents 

Nothing beats going inside a bathroom that smells fresh. Now, many homeowners choose the usual scents like lavender or vanilla. Yet again, if you want change, then switch to scents that will remind you of your last beach getaway. 

How about pineapple or coconut scents? There are plenty of essential oils and candles available online. 


Add Faux Plants and Flowers 

Of course, our first recommendation is to place genuine plants and flowers in your bathroom. It should make the room look alive. However, we know that some bathrooms are not the ideal place for natural plants. In that case, you can always purchase artificial ones to give your bathroom the look of life without having to take care of anything. 

Think about roses, orchids, and even lilies. And as always, clean your flowers as often as you can. Not doing so can promote the growth of harmful bacteria and mold.


Hang Beautiful Prints on Your Bathroom Wall 

If you haven’t tried adding photos or prints on your bathroom wall, you should consider it! It will give your space that much-needed character, and break up the emptiness on the wall. For those who would like to save money, you can print your own designs and purchase frames that will match the overall look. 


Who says you need to break the bank to give your bathroom a fresh look? With a bit of creativity and resourcefulness, you can do it.

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